We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the ‘Ready to Burn’ status, which means we are still able to sell our Firewood Logs but there are some changes in the quantities we are able to sell, please see current prices and options below:

Firewood Logs and Garden Mulch Sales

We recycle 100% of the resultant waste from our jobs and make them available for sale in the following ways:

Firewood Logs

Our logs are a mixture of hardwood and softwood and come in all shapes and sizes. All bags are Woodsure approved Firewood and Kindling as required by the new wood fuel legislation.

Delivery within a 5 mile radius

SOLD OUT – Nets of Seasoned Firewood logs: £4 per net or 3 nets for £10 – no minimum order required

Nets of Unseasoned Firewood logs: £2.20 per net – minimum order of 40 nets required

Tonne Bags

Unseasoned Firewood Logs – £65.00 per bag – minimum order of 2 Tonne Bags required

SOLD OUT – Seasoned Firewood Logs – £100.00 per bag


Nets of unseasoned firewood logs: £2.00 per net – minimum order of 40 nets required

SOLD OUT – Nets of seasoned firewood logs: £4 per net, 3 nets for £10 – no minimum order

SOLD OUT – Kindling £5 per net

Garden Mulch


Bags (20″ x 30″): £2.00 per bag

Loose Transit Tipper Loads: £70.00 for a full load – covers approx 60 sq metres at 5″ depth

£35.00 for half a load

Tonne bags : £40.00 – covers approx 8 sq metres at 5″ depth


Garden mulch is available at our yard during office opening hours for you to come along with your own bags and shovel to take free of charge!!

For deliveries we do politely request that the customer must be on site to take receipt of the delivery and payment is requested.

Please contact us to arrange your delivery.

If you still have any questions or want to have a look before you buy, please call in to see us at the office and we will be happy to help.